Cloth diapers may be hard enough to figure out when you first start to use them. They are a tad more complicated than disposable diapers at first glance, but many are still straightforward to put on and use. However, when you have a newborn, it is even more complicated, due to their sensitive belly button area and the fact that they can come in many different shapes and sizes. That is why it is important to shop around and try a few types of diapers, to see which one has the best fit and works the most efficiently for your new baby.

Blueberry Simplex All in One Diaper

Blueberry-Simplex-All-In-One-DiaperThis is a great all in one cloth diaper, which is able to accommodate newborns up to 16 pounds. There is a special middle that can be snapped down so it won’t hurt the belly button area. It also has snap closures on the sides, so it can stay secure and where it needs to be to keep the little one dry. Furthermore, the diaper is completely washable by hand or in a washing machine. It can also be left to dry or dried in a dryer. The exterior is waterproof and has 10 layers of pure cotton in the places where your child needs it most. You can even add extra inserts rather easily if you need more protection in a pinch. There are many different designs, which are perfect for little boys as well as little girls. Users love that it is easy to use and easy to clean.


Rumparooz Newborn Cloth Diaper Cover Snap

Rumparooz-Newborn-Cloth-Diaper-Cover-SnapThis item comes in over 30 different colors and designs, including solid colors. They are designed to be used even when your baby is premature, and can accommodate up to 15 pounds. It does this by allowing three different sizes to choose from in every product through its snap closures. It is a diaper cover that is coated so that it resists water and other fluids, meaning you don’t have to change it each time you have to change a dirty diaper. Simply use pre-fold diapers underneath and either wash them right away or store them in a diaper pail. This item can be washed in a washing machine, but must be laid out to dry. However, they dry rather quickly, so this shouldn’t become a problem. People that have purchased them like that they come in many different designs and the fact that they can accommodate different sizes of babies.


Thirsties Snap All in One Diaper

Thirsties-Snap-All-in-One-DiaperThis diaper is an all in one with a waterproof polyester exterior, as well as a polyester micro fleece lining. It also has a soaking pad in the middle that is easy to clean and attached to just one side so that it can dry easier. The product comes in over a dozen designs and can fit a newborn up to 14 pounds. You may have to do a bit of adjusting to make it fit properly on the legs, depending on the size of your child’s legs. However, it is quite absorbent and easy to put on and take off. The middle can be snapped down to protect the umbilical cord and the materials are durable enough to use many times without the product showing any signs of wear. People that reviewed the product love how absorbent it is and that it is easy to rinse and wash, as well how it dries quickly.


Grovia Organic Cotton Newborn All in One

Grovia-Organic-Cotton-Newborn-All-In-One-DiaperThis is a handy all in one that is made of organic cotton and hemp. The outer material is a waterproof and comes in many different patterns to keep it exciting. The interior is a 3 layer hemp and cotton mix, which is topped with fleece to keep it more comfortable for the little one. It can fit newborns that weigh up to 12 pounds, especially if their legs aren’t too skinny. The insert in the middle that helps with absorbency is designed to dry fast, so you don’t have to worry about it taking all day to dry. People that use the product love it but consider it to be a bit flawed. For instance, it isn’t right for babies on the skinny side, because they can leak around the legs. However, all babies are different sizes, so it is important to find diapers that fit them each time they grow, for the best protection.


Alva Baby Pocket Newborn

Alva-Baby-Pocket-Newborn-Cloth-DiaperThese pocket diapers come in bright colors and have waterproof exteriors to protect the outside from becoming wet. They are comfortable for babies and can be secured in a variety of different sizes, to accommodate different sizes and shapes of tykes, up to 12 pounds in size. This includes special leg portions, which are tight enough to make sure leaks aren’t a problem. Since these are pocket diapers, you will need to purchase liners to go in it, and it is recommended that they are not disposable. This will allow for the best fit and are still good for the environment. The diapers themselves can be washed in the washer with warm water, and laid out to dry. They come in packs of 6, so you don’t have to worry about having to buy a bunch of them at once. It may be hard to stuff the insert in at times, but with a little practice, it should become easier.


bumGenius Newborn Cloth Diaper

bumGenius-Newborn-Cloth-DiaperThis simple diaper is designed to be much like a disposable diaper. It has special elastic in the leg regions and Velcro sides, which allow it to get a superior fit that is just right for your baby’s tiny body. They come in 8 different bright colors, which would go great with any outfit you want to dress your child up in. Besides that, they are great for children up to 12 pounds and have an interior that soaks up everything and prevents messes. The middle dips low enough, so that it doesn’t hurt a newborn’s delicate belly button and the outside is waterproof. Some users thought that the diaper wasn’t absorbent enough, but this simply requires changing more frequently when the child wears this diaper, if you encounter a problem. The diapers are easy to wash in the washing machine and you can dry them on a line or allow them to air dry.

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