Finding the right cloth diapers for your household might be a bit frustrating. The only way to know if something will work well for you is to use it on your child and see what the outcome is. You may be surprised what works and what doesn’t. It isn’t always the most expensive diaper that performs the best, so it’s worth looking into anything that looks interesting to you. For instance, if you haven’t tried Happy Heiny diapers, it’s time you gave them a chance. They may be just what you’re looking for, since they come in many different designs and colors.

Happy Heiny ONEderful All-in-One

Happy-Heiny-All-in-One-Cloth-DiaperThis diaper is an all-in-one, meaning it is only good for one use, like disposable diapers. It is also easy to take off of a child and even has areas to hold, so you can get rid of solid waste in the toilet without getting messy.

Furthermore, the design allows it to accommodate babies from newborn up to around 35 pounds because it has an innovative snap system that can adjust to different sized bodies. It also has 5 layers of protection, with the built in pad that is made of cotton and hemp, to keep the diaper from leaking.

Like most cloth diapers, the outside is waterproof and coated, so that it can hold up in the washing machine. One important thing to note is that these diapers are not good for all situations. If you know your child needs more protection while they are asleep or after a big meal, this may not be the proper type of diaper. Some users reported leaks and were upset that they could not add more absorbency. At the same time, customers like this model, so that isn’t necessary a drawback. The ease of getting it on and off of a baby is a good selling point for this one.

Happy Heiny One Size Pocket Diapers

Happy-Heinys-One-Size-Pocket-DiapersThis is a diaper you can use from infancy to potty training. That is a long time to be able to use the same diaper, which makes it well worth the price. The way it works is there are adjustable snaps on the front of this product, which equates to it being different sizes, so it can grow as your little one does.

The rest of the design of the diaper is rather simple. It has elastic at the legs for a good fit that also limits the amount of leaking and it is not so fancy that you can’t figure out how to put it on or take it off. This model takes inserts, and you can put as many as you like, depending on what your baby needs. One large and one small insert are included with this item and you can purchase other hemp inserts separately if you wish to.

The coolest thing about this diaper is that it is made from fleece and other high quality materials that are manufactured especially for the diapers. They come in over 20 colors, so they can be matched to nearly any outfit, and still look great for years to come.

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