Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Review

Getting the right baby carrier is hard to do without trying a few for yourself. However, that can be rather pricey. That is why it is good to choose some items that are quite different in price, to see what works best for your needs. Just because an item is more expensive, doesn’t mean it is the best item for your household. For instance, the Infantino Flip Advanced is cheaper than lots of products out there, but it is still able to do many things and be used for a long time.


Here are some of the essential facts regarding this product. They will allow you to figure out if you need to purchase one for yourself.

  • Highly Adjustable. There are a number of straps that you can adjust to get just the right fit. Additionally, there are straps to adjust so your child can be comfortable too. The product is able to be used from around 8-32 pounds, and there is a big difference in how your baby needs to sit up during the time that they will be able to fit in this carrier, which is why it can change into different positions.
  • Easy to wash. You can throw this one in your washing machine to get it clean. If you’re in a hurry, you can just spot clean and allow it to dry. It is gray in color, so it is rather hard to see stains at times.
  • 4 different positions. Since you can use this one for a long time, there are different positions you can wear it in. These include with your child facing you with their legs close together, facing you with their legs set far apart, facing out, and on your back. The way you carry your baby will likely depend on their size and what their preferences are. For small babies, there is a high neck area that helps them sit up straight and proper. Larger children will be more comfortable on your back.
  • Comes with cover. To protect from stains, there is a bib that comes with the product. It fits over the front of the item, so you don’t have to worry about random spills. It can help protect your clothes as well, depending on how you’re wearing it.
  • Great for traveling. This one is very affordable, so it is great to purchase as a back up for a more expensive carrier, or to use while you’re traveling. You can even use it for just staying in your house and keeping baby close, so you’ll be able to use your pricier carrier for when you hit the town with baby.
  • Lightweight. Another reason it is great to take while you travel is because it doesn’t weigh a lot. It has a lot of open air space in the design, so you shouldn’t get overheated wearing it, and your little one should stay cool too. That means it can be worn throughout the year.
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