LILLEbaby Complete Airflow Review

Finding the right baby carrier can be a real ordeal. You need something that is comfortable and will also offer you all the protection you require. Besides that, you want to make sure parent and child are both comfortable, and that it can adjust to accommodate changes in size and weight. This is easy to do with the LILLEbaby Complete Airflow Carrier, since it is quite versatile.


This is a list of some of the most noteworthy features of this model.

  • Can be utilized for a long time. This product can hold a baby that weighs up to 45 pounds, which is the average size of a toddler. That means you are able to keep using this one for quite a while.
  • Can be worn on front or back of body. There is a position for everyone, since it can be worn on the front or back. When your child gets older, you’ll likely want to carry them on your back to help displace the extra weight. This also allows them to see everything, which makes your child happy and entertained.
  • Choose from one of 6 different positions. This one can be worn in 6 different positions, making it one of the most versatile products out there. If you have used a carrier before, there is likely a position you like the most; this carrier should be able to be worn that way and more.
  • Neck support. There is a rigid neck area, so you never have to concern yourself over whether your child’s neck has enough support when they’re in this one.
  • Machine washable. If baby has an accident or the cloth gets dirty, you can simply wash it in the washing machine. This saves time and money, and it really makes this product easy to own.
  • Comfortable for baby and parent. You don’t have to worry about mom or baby being uncomfortable or getting hurt when they are using this carrier. That is because it is specially designed with safety features, like lumbar support and padded straps.
  • Has a storage pocket. There is a storage pocket on this one, so you can put baby’s most important items in a handy spot. Something like a pacifier or a burping cloth would fit well and they would be extremely accessible.
  • Has a sleeping hood. For small and sleeping babies, there is a sleeping hood you can use. This will keep the sun of your little one’s head and allow them to rest safely.
  • Is lightweight. You won’t have to worry about this product being too heavy for you because it doesn’t’ weigh much at all.
  • Good ventilation. One reason why it doesn’t weigh a lot is because there is adequate ventilation. That means the item stays cool all the time, so you and your child don’t get too hot. This is especially useful if you are going to be outside all day or are enjoying some time in a sunny place.
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